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                         Quality is the life of enterprise and service is the guarantee of brand.

           Horad Technology Co., Ltd has established a command center for customer services to provide our clients with convenient, fast and satisfactory services, On all aspects of product design, R & D, manufacture and inspection, Horad Technology Co., Ltd takes your requirements into account and thinks fully of your attention. We provide you with excellent services while improving quality persistently, which is to construct strong business foundation and create world-class brand.

           The client service command center of Horad Technology Co., Ltd has formed the normalized, scientific, standardized and international service standards and processes, which includes five major components of the information processing system, terminal sales, technical support, project managers and after service .

           The information processing system is the operation system with the core of market department, including two parts of external information processing and internal information processing. The external information processing system is that the market department delivers your demands and the latest product information of Horad Technology Co., Ltd to your hands at the earliest time through trade journals, exhibitions, online and other medias; internal information processing systems is that we record your demands and send them to the relevant departments from the moment of your consultation call. 

           The terminal sales are composed of a group of professional senior engineers, which provide you with a range of services on product introduction, technological advice, the equipment selection and construction, the laboratory and pilot-scale tests before sales and support of related technical information, etc.
           The technical support will provide you with a range of services on process, equipment R & D and upgrading.

           The project manager provides you with one to one service from orders, production, quality inspection and delivery of equipments to sales service including installation, commissioning, etc of equipments.  

           The after service is provide to you by the Horad Technology Co., Ltd according to strict specifications and processes. From shipping start the service department will timely communicate with you by phone, send relevant product information by post, build customer file database for your products and pay a return visit ton your products on a regular basis. In addition, the after service department also offers delivery and allocation service, replacement service for your products and establish accessories warehouse for your selection and reference.